Marianna Pristupa

Marianna Pristupa

Founder & CEO

Marianna was born to be a dancer; but never became a dance professional. Instead with her traditional upbringing in the family of a mathematician and an engineer went on to study biochemistry. All her life she pursued dance as a hobby focusing on several dance genres and even at some point teaching salsa in local clubs in San Francisco.

Marianna carried the idea of Dance Match in her head for 10 years and slowly incubated until she finally decided to launch into action. 

Why are you passionate about dance?


When I dance I find a place that connects me to my raw true inner self. The world disappears and I am present in the moment in a fully serene meditative state. When times were challenging, dance is what has gotten me through those times and somehow magically arranged things inside my head in order. I always dreamed to connect my life with dance on a deeper level and Dance Match allows me to do exactly that.

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