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What is the Lessons?

Near you

Near you

Inside DanceMatch you will be able to find all kinds of dance lessons near you. What about online lessons? Imagine you want to dance Argentine Tango at your wedding, but you want the dance to be choreographed and taught by a teacher from Argentina. This is possible with DanceMatch! Find lessons already happening online worldwide via Zoom or similar platform!

Any Courses

Search for dance lessons in dance of your choice and add them to your calendar. Pre-pay lessons with DanceMatch and track your dance activity in different genres. Set dance goals and see what areas you would like to focus on and dedicate more time.

Any Courses
Choose your teacher 2
Choose your teacher

Choose your teacher

Find the teacher that suits you and whose style drives you. Perhaps you dreamed of learning Flamenco from your favorite teacher in Spain. With DanceMatch you can join their online classes.

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