The ultimate mission of Dance Match is to serve the world’s dance community. All corporate decision making will be governed by one simple question:


is this useful for dancers?


Long term, Dance Match is here to support, develop and help evolve the art of dance through creating mechanisms for dancers to connect across borders

Pair dance animation

It is the hope and the goal of Dance Match to connect people on a different level and see one another from a more primal and deep perspective, irrespective of any differences.

energetic dance Animation

Dance is one of the 67 human universals (google it 🙂 ): this simply means that dance defies all boundaries, and societal constructs. Dance is something shared in all communities without influence, it is a natural part of the human condition which allows for raw expression, unobstructed by social norms and expectations. We invite you to take this journey and become a part of this inclusive community built through a passion for the art of dance.

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